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Top Free
Online Shopping Carts


To make it easy for you to compare online shopping carts, just refer to our list of The Top Free Shopping Carts. In compiling the list, we reviewed more than 25 online shopping carts services, their fees and products.

top free online shopping carts Of course, while the shopping carts are provided to you free of charge, you will still be responsible for payment of merchant account processing fees and real-time system fees.
Evaluate online shopping cart services

to Evaluate the Top Online Shopping Cart Services:

Step 1
Compare the fees for processing your shopping cart orders. CLICK on those that interest you.

Step 2
Read the descriptions of each of the shopping carts services and the real-time products they offer.

Step 3
Review further information to help you understand credit card processing and online shopping carts


Step 1:

The Top Online Shopping Cart Services


SYSTEM FEE FREE 2.35% 25 cents $10.00 Not specified $19.95 None Free
WebContactPro FREE Not Stated 25 cents Not Stated Not Stated Not Stated None $199.00 one-time payment
or $19.00 per month
Merchant Express FREE 2.17% 30 cents $9.95 Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified
goEmerchant FREE 2.39% 30 cents
(plus 25 cent
daily batch fee)
$15.00 None None None $39.95 per month (includes
website creation, hosting &
gateway); $29.95 annual fee.
Initial fee $49.00. FREE 1.99% to 2.49% 30 cents $10.00 (None if no activity) None None None $99.00 one time fee plus
$24.95 per month for hosting

The fees quoted above for the online shopping cart services are as of February 28, 2005. As fees are revised from time to time, be sure to check their websites and to speak with their representatives to ensure the fees mentioned here are still up-to-date. Discount fees quoted are for VISA and MasterCard. Contact the online shopping carts providers for rates for other card issuers. Very high-risk businesses may be required to pay higher fees than those mentioned in the Table above.

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Step 2:

Further Information To Help
You Evaluate The Top Free
Online Shopping Carts


Each of the Online Shopping Carts services is discussed below: offers free online shopping carts with its free ecommerce merchant accounts. If your application for a merchant account is refused, will let you keep, for free, its Checks by Web, Phone & Fax software.

The real-time processing solution with the free shopping cart enables automated processing for website orders. It allows your website to automatically process credit card orders securely whenever your customers enter them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After your customer submits payment information, his or her credit card will be charged within a few seconds, without your having to do anything. After an order is placed, you will receive an email with all of your customer's information, so you can fill the order. If you are selling information, password access, or anything else that can be delivered directly on the World Wide Web, your website can deliver it immediately when your customer's credit card is approved. The funds will appear in your bank account within two to three business days.

In addition to real-time processing, you will also get a Virtual Terminal. This will allow you to process orders that are placed by telephone, by mail or in person. It is a Web-based credit card processing terminal that has all the features of an electronic keypad terminal and more. It keeps detailed records of every transaction, and generates invoices that you can print out. In addition, it allows you to set up automatic recurrent billing (such as for payment plans or monthly subscriptions).

To check out their website:


WebContactPro's free online shopping carts allow real-time processing for up to 1,000 products.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a free 30-day trial period. 

WebContactPro's service includes: a merchant account (through Online Data) for all major credit cards - or you can use your own account; secure payment gateway; and a virtual terminal, so you can also manually input phone or mail orders.

Features include:

Secure shopping cart (certified by Verisign)

Secure and easy integration into your site

Email receipt for each order (to you and your customer)

Live help and support

Customized shipping options

Realtime UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping calculation

Custom tax table - US, Canada, VAT compatible

Support for 25 realtime payment gateways -, Verisign & more

Custom look and feel - Your colors, logo, background

The basis package fee is $199.00 (or $19.00 per month). Advanced packages are also available.

To check out their website:


Merchant Express

When you order a merchant account and ecommerce processing, you'll receive a free shopping cart that is fully compatible with the processing system.

Merchant Express offers its electronic check service along with its real-time processing solutions.

It will also provide you with a written guarantee that it will not raise the discount rate charged to you, unless VISA/MasterCard raise their rates.

In addition to providing free online shopping carts, order a merchant account through Merchant Express and you will also receive a free one-year marketing package for your site that includes:

To check out their website:

Merchant Express
(Then click on Internet Processing, and then click on Shopping Carts)


goEmerchant is an excellent choice for those seeking a total package including website creation, hosting and credit card processing, all for just $39.95 per month. provides more than a mere storefront from which merchants can sell their goods and services on-line.

The Internet Store makes it easy for you to build your web site online. You don't need to know how to do any programming. If you can type, you can open your own Internet Store.

The Internet Store includes: Web Site (Internet Store); Shopping Cart; Payment Gateway (credit card processing); Virtual Terminal; and Merchant Account. It can also simply snap into any existing web site with a hypertext link.

Features include a pre-integrated merchant account; built-in cash register; on-line, real-time credit card processing; virtual terminal functionality; secured transaction processing using SSL technology; Unlimited product search engine; automated e-mail confirmation to all customers; a hit counter (customer counter); and 24/7 merchant upgrade and edit capabilities.

To check out their website:


Founded in 1995, provides hosting packages that offer a free Dansie shopping cart that resides on their server, but allows you or your webmaster to insert html coding into your web page to give it a customized look and feel (in most cases customizable to exactly reflect your website).

It requires no major changes to your site and is designed to handle nearly every possible ecommerce need. A free demonstration of the online shopping carts system is available on their site, so you can check it out before buying.

The package includes hosting (75MB of storage, 8 GIGS transfer, 10 email accounts) and offers a full refund of your monthly fee if you are not completely satisfied. Merchant accounts (very well priced) are also available.

When you go to their home page, simply click on "e-commerce" to explore the package.

To check out their website:


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Step 3:

General Information About
Online Shopping Carts

Online shopping carts are strongly recommended if your website offers more than 10 products or services for sale. 

Because of the time and hassle involved in obtaining a merchant account to process credit cards on their website, businesses often fail to devote sufficient time to evaluating the online shopping carts options that are available to them.

online shopping cart - how to evaluate shopping cart services

Sidenote: Before reviewing the free online shopping carts, you should take The Nine Minute Tutorial. It will provide you with a basic understanding of what is involved in credit card processing, the types of costs you can expect to incur and how to select the best credit card processing provider for your particular business.
You may also want to take a look at our sections on Low Cost Merchant Accounts and on High Risk Merchant Accounts (if you have a poor credit history, high sales volumes, or need an international or offshore merchant account).

The actual process involved in purchases made through online shopping carts is simple to understand.

The customer browses through your product offerings, selecting the items he wants and dropping them into his shopping cart. When he has finished shopping, he is directed to the check-out. There he confirms his selection and submits it with his personal and credit card particulars.

From there the information is securely submitted to the card processing service. If approved, confirmatory emails are sent to you and the customer. The net sales funds arrive in your business checking account 2 to 3 days later.

You should be focused on providers of online shopping carts whose software:

offers features such as sales tax and shipping calculation tools, including support for FedEx and/or UPS shipping tables;

integrates easily with your website's gateway service and server;

has inventory management capabilities;

provides automatic email confirmation of purchases made through the online shopping carts, both to you and your customer;

whose online shopping carts can easily accommodate changes to your product offerings;

is readily customizable, so that you can adapt it to your specific needs; and

provides your customers with an enjoyable and trouble-free online shopping carts shopping experience.

In addition to these features, providers of online shopping carts can offer a variety of other tools, including the ability to process orders in different currencies, online e-checks, customer recognition for return visits, website hosting and design, advertising and marketing assistance, statistics tracking, product upsell, etc. The list of features available with online shopping carts is almost endless.

As was stressed in The Nine Minute Tutorial when dealing with selecting a merchant account provider, please be very sure to read the contract for these online shopping carts services before signing up. Make certain you are fully aware of all the costs and terms that apply to the credit card processing service you choose.

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