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Other Online Payment Services

In this section we will be examining four subjects, the first three being online payment services that can complement your merchant account. The final subject revolves around online payment services that provide an alternative to having to obtain your own merchant account.

Just click the online payment services that interest you:

online shopping cart services

Online Shopping Carts: If you offer a large variety of products or services at your website, having shopping cart functionality allows customers to add the products they like to their basket and then check out when they are ready to place their order.

wireless credit card processing

Wireless Processing: Wireless processing provides you with the convenience of being able to process credit cards while away from your computer - whether you are on the road or visiting a customer's offices.

accept e-checks online

Accepting e-checks: A large segment of the buying public prefer to write checks, rather than pay by credit card. Learn how you as an online merchant can process checks from your website.

Accept Credit Card without Merchant Account

Third Party Processing: If you can't afford the up-front costs or the hassle of obtaining your own merchant account, you can explore the online payment services offered by third party processors.


online payment services

Sidenote: Before examining these other online payment services, you should take The Nine Minute Tutorial. It will provide you with a basic understanding of what is involved in credit card processing, the costs you can expect to incur, the equipment or software you may need to acquire and how to select the best merchant account provider for your particular business.
As well, in previous sections of The Merchant Account Advisor, we discussed real-time payment services as they relate to low cost merchant accounts and high risk merchant accounts.

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