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Merchant Accounts &
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Merchant Accounts: For most of us, locating and signing up with a low cost credit card processing service is a real chore - something we just want to complete as quickly as possible. But your choice of a merchant account can significantly affect your business!

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The Merchant Account Advisor has 4 sections:

Discover some of the best Low Cost Merchant Accounts available for Internet, Phone/Mail and Retail credit card processing for your business.

Explore High Risk Merchant Accounts for those with a bad credit history; high sales volume; international business; or for offshore merchant accounts services.

In The Nine Minute Tutorial, you'll learn how the process works - whether it be for internet merchant accounts, taking credit card orders by phone or mail, or retail order-taking.

Other Online Payment Options that may be appropriate for your business, including electronic checks, free shopping carts, wireless processing, and third party payment processors.

If you take a few minutes to understand what your needs truly are and what's involved in finding the best service to satisfy them, you will be rewarded with years of excellent, low cost merchant accounts services.

Articles & Information on Credit Card Processing

The Merchant Account Advisor can help you whether:

you're starting a new business, and need to find a good low cost credit card processing service provider.

you already operate a business, & have decided that you want to be able to accept credit cards with an online merchant account.

you have an existing credit card merchant account, but are unsatisfied with the service it is providing and are looking to migrate to a new, more satisfactory provider.

We offer an excellent selection of the top performing online, retail and internet merchant accounts. If the majority of your clients are credit card holders, then you will need processing services so you can accept credit cards. We make it easy for you by displaying the top merchant account providers in our own specialized charts. These charts show the processing fees as well as the different rates for using their services.

If you have bad credit and you are finding it difficult to get credit card processing services, our trusted merchant account providers will be able to help you out, so that you too can accept credit cards. For while it used to be impossible to set up a business using merchant services when you had bad credit, now it is no longer a problem. In fact, ProcessUSA Merchant approves 98% of its applicants. Check out our bad credit page for more information.

Take the pain out of finding the best merchant accounts and
credit card processing service for your business!

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