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Frequently Asked Questions


We would like to thank our friends at Free for allowing us to use their frequently asked questions. Apply Now for your Free Credit Card Processing.

Table of Contents

General Information

1. Can you explain what a merchant account is and why I need one?
2. Are there other options I can consider?
3. Do I really need to accept credit cards?
4. How do I get the money from a credit card sale?
5. Can I go to a bank to get my merchant account?
6. How do I find the right merchant service provider for my business?
What do I need to open a merchant account and get set up to take credit cards?
What makes a business risky to the processor?
9. I am starting to understand how all this works but I am going to open an online Internet stor. What do I need to know?
10. Will I also be able to accept checks payments on my web site?
11. While I now understand the components involved with online credit card payment processing, how do I actually implement this on my web site?


1. Are there other fees or expenses involved?
2. Those fees are less expensive than I thought it would be but there must be some other hidden fees?
3. I hear American Express and Discover are not used much and is more expensive than the discount fees. Is that true?
4. Great, so it is not really an added expense to take American Express or Discover but there must be a fee from the credit card companies themselves?
5. How much should I pay for a terminal or software solution?
6 . I do not have much capital and want to save my money for marketing and other things I need to do. What should I do?
7 . What are some things I can do to reduce chargebacks not related to fraud?


1. I hear it is risky to accept checks but a lot of people do not use credit cards and prefer to write checks? Should I accept checks?
2. What else do I need to know about accepting checks?
3. Will I also be able to accept checks payments on my web site?
4. Is it safe to process credit cards over the Internet?
5. I hear so much about fraud and merchants losing money by accepting bad credit cards. What can I do to reduce the risk to me?

More Info

1. What if I already have a terminal? Can have it programmed to work with the new processor?
2. Tell me about Government, Corporate credit cards, and Foreign Issued Credit Cards. Can I take them?
3. What about debit or check cards? I hear this is a good idea if I have a retail store?
4. I keep hearing about electronic terminals, software and real time processing software on the Internet. Can you explain these things?
5. What is a virtual terminal?
6. Can I use a virtual terminal to accept checks?


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