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The Nine Minute Tutorial

To help your business grow and succeed, The Merchant Account Advisor also provides links to a variety of online resources.

It is vitally important to acquire the knowledge necessary to make an intelligent choice when selecting your processing service, so The Nine-Minute Tutorial will be time well spent.


In a few short minutes you will learn about:

the credit card processing services involved in internet merchant accounts, telephone & mail credit card processing and retail merchant accounts
the abundant variety of fees and start-up costs that you can run across
how to minimize the effects of credit card fraud and the resulting chargebacks
what to look for when selecting your credit card processing service
what questions you should be sure to ask when applying for your merchant account

Knowledge on Credit Card Processing Services

Throughout The Nine-Minute Tutorial you will come across a number of terms you may not previously have been familiar with. We'll explain these terms briefly as they arise. But for your convenience, we have also included a Mini-Dictionary section that you can click to should the need arise.

Let's get started...

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